Why not another striped tunic?


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Stripped things are cool, as 1) I like stripes, 2) they are perfect to use remnant yarn you don’t have enough to make a whole jumper/tunic from.

IMG_8470                 IMG_8471

This tunic is one of the best, if not the best as for now, example of my remnant yarn project. I didn’t buy a single additional thread to make this, all are few colours I had left from the Colour explosion bulb dress (hence: Oliwia) and a few drops of Extra Merino Big. I was running out of Oliwia navy blue and Merino are so soft anyway, so they are really great at least as finalizing yarn, if you don’t have more of it (just like I did).

IMG_8472Even the buttons were from stashed collections. I didn’t have the sufficient amount of buttons of the same size and colour, so I decided to mix few types also to highlight the recycled character of this work.

IMG_8473It’s warm, it’s comfy, it fits with so many clothes and I love it.


No temptations


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It’s been not even a whole week since I decided to live without buying clothes, here are the first decisions and observations.


1) Unsubscribe from all shopping mailing lists. Out of sight is out of mind.

2) I also tried to be more cautious on all these small thingies which attract us to shopping and I thought that e-mail notifications are one of them.

I am already irritated when watching TV I see an advertisement every 15-30 minutes on some programmes, I find it quite immoral (and I use this word on purpose) the public media have a right to turn us into consumers so freely. I know they live from these ads etc., however… why cannot they just gain money on the good programs people will watch and pay for? I would be delighted to pay for a good service only, just like I do in case of buying a book, DVD or CD with music.

Another thing in excessive adds is that why it’s not ok trying to convince me into, let’s say, littering Earth, but it is ok to repetitively persuade me the needs I don’t have, just to make me a customer? Is this really the only purpose of our life? Another thing is that littering Earth is one of the effects of excessive consumption.


1) More care on the things I already have. I was actually surprised to find this out so quickly, this just hit me when I was looking for a tee this morning and couldn’t find anything I would like to wear today. I must admit that before I used to make in such moments a shopping list: “I would need something blue, sleeves 3/4 to wear with this and this” etc. Now it’s: ok, I would need to make this, which raises questions like: “do I really need it?” (given the time spent on planning, gathering materials and finally making it) and “is it really important to have this as soon as possible?”

2) Shopping centres appear suddenly so much smaller when you know you won’t allow yourself any time to wander around. Cool!

And at the end, off topic, as knitting is going around: I finished the tunic I mentioned about here, just need to make a photo and will publish it on the blog.

Below is a teaser from my new project. All I will say for now on it is: I just fell in love with Merino wool.

pink blue green

2014: making, not buying


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I hereby announce I join and slightly modify this idea of Postcards without stamps : my year without luxury will become year without buying clothes.

Main motivation is: too many of them in my wardrobe, time to give them some space.

Another thing is the decreasing quality of clothes I see in the shopping centres and my increasing knowledge on bad business practices of the popular brands, especially in countries of Asia. Let it be my wallet protest.

Last, but not least, is the will of trying to make them, to get more knowledge and conscience on materials and more respect on the at least last step of the process of making clothes, which is easy to forget when you can buy a fancy t-shirt on seasonal discount.

Which means: if I would need to buy, I would buy materials and not the final product.

And besides…

Picture from here

… so actually why not? 😉

Please support me in this idea, as it’s easy to make declarations on January, but will be certainly harder once the year goes by.

Colour explosion bulb dress – inspiration


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The post I originally wrote on a Colour explosion bulb dress turned up to be so long I decided to cut it out on 2 separate entries, as I would like to introduce you a bit of Polish folk art which was my main inspiration in colour selection for this work and I believe it’s so beautiful it’s worthy to know about.

Besides of making something simple and colourful I wanted to make something which would be at least mildly inspired by one of the regional folk art in my country: Łowicz folk art. The major characteristics of Łowicz folk art are wonderful, juicy colours and stripes. The few pictures below to give you a basic overview on what I mean:

  • Absolutely fabulous folk skirt, it’s on my “I’d love to have that” list from long
    • Graphics (author: Helena Rzesna). Roosters are one of the typical motives. And again: look at these colours!
  • And more roosters, this time this is a cut off made manually with scissors from kinked sheet of paper.

What I adore is that Łowicz folk is so inspiring and it’s motives and colours are used by designers not only in clothing, but for home decoration, accessories, jewellery etc. I am not sure if I can paste you direct links into some shops which provide this lovely folk inspired stuff, but I really invite you to at least run an image search in Google using these key words (Polish ones give much more interesting results that just “lowicz folk art”):

  • “łowickie pasy” to find practical and abstract examples of the amazing stripes
  • “łowickie wycinanki” for the cut-outs, including the multi-coloured ones which are made by putting few pieces of coloured cut-outs one on the other. They are just jaw dropping
  • or “łowicka sztuka ludowa” for Łowicz folk art

I hope you’ll like it. Do you have also a folk art which inspires you? What is it?

Colour explosion bulb dress


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This is about a work I made at the beginning of the year for a friend. The whole idea was to make it as much colourful as possible without combining too much on the structure of the whole dress.colourbulbThe first challenge was getting the colours. I had a bit of navy blue Kotek: my plan was to use it for a top and as a separator between the colours. As for the rest I went to haberdashery, looked at the wall of all possible colours, investigated on the thickness of the relevant yarns to be compatible with Kotek. Then I thought: “ah, whatever” and bought 10 different colours hanks of Oliwia. I was not aware at that time that this will leave me with a huge amount of acrylic-wool yarn I wouldn’t like to use any more. In general: Oliwia is ok, but for a brand new work I would buy a different yarn.

This was my second try ever with making a tunic from the top and trying to shape it as a bulb. As you can see it was also not the time I had Pincraft tags, so – as the work was dedicated to be given to someone else – I decided to sign up myself with the large big “P” and thought this must be the last time.

The good thing is that all in all the dress is warm and comfy and somebody fell in love with it immediately (and got it :))

Weaving workshops


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In October I had a chance to participate in weaving workshops organized by HOBBY-WEŁNA in Poznań. What an amazing experience and great chance to try a new crafting skill! (And btw if you never been in Europe=>Poland=>Poznań it’s worth coming, as it’s a beautiful city. That’s all for now as for country promotion ;).

The workshop was lead by Alicja from Tkackie Historie. I strongly recommend you to visit her blog (for easier access I link it straight ahead on the right ;)) to see the beautiful and very high quality things she makes and to learn more about her hobbies and interests. As the descriptions are usually in Polish and English, language barrier shall not exist.

We learned everything from scratch. These 2 days of workshops we spent like true hobby weavers should do: weaving and talking about everything, even if we met for the first (and likely the last) time, and our projects somehow grew up in the meantime. Actually this somehow reminded me on some scenes from Anne of Green Gables series; or any book/movie where you saw or imagined a group of women knitting/embroidering/plucking lint (!)/whatever and gossiping about anything that comes to their minds.

The result is a tiny tablecloth, on these 2 photos as a proud background for home made gingerbread.

weaving1 weaving2I definitely picked interest in weaving, not sure though if I would be able to make all by myself yet. I am seriously tempted to sew my own cloths of self made textile. Let’s see what the future brings, as for a good start I added “weaving” post category into my blog.

Autumn diamonds


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One of my early works and my first intarsia ever. The sad part is that somehow I don’t like to wear it.  For the record I post it here, it is very likely though it will turn into something new in the future.purple_diamondI remember the amount of time and effort it took me to work on these diamonds and I like the selection of colours (I find it somehow juicy), so it would be a pity to leave it lying in the dark corner of the wardrobe.

It is very likely I will just modify the collar, the sleeves and the length. And maybe a bit more details to these diamonds. And maybe pockets, pockets are always OK. And the good thing is I have the green and orange stashed, so I could still use them. Sounds like an idea, isn’t it?

Pincraft tags


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Something wonderful happened this summer: I have my own clothing tags.It’s been a while I have been wondering on the best way to sign up my works. There was a time I planned to make embroidery as signature (you could see the “PIN”s or “P”s in previous works on this blog), but found it to overwhelming, especially when a jumper is made of thicker yarn.

I found a place where I could order the tags of my own project and… here they are. From this moment everything I don’t craft for myself is signed up with my tag.

Knitting is all around

It’s been quite long I haven’t been posting, but this doesn’t mean I wasn’t knitting or crafting at the time. There have been crafting workshops, lots of new project, lots of abandoned projects, few friends got new knits, few others are waiting…Image Knitting – just like Xmas in Love Actually movie – is all around!

I’ll develop all the mentioned topics, as for now a kind of teaser on one of the things being knitted at the time.